Radon Inspection

Radon Inspection Services - Protecting Health in Minneapolis

Targeting the Silent Threat Radon is an invisible danger lurking in many Twin Cities homes and commercial properties. Recognized as the second leading cause of lung cancer, radon mitigation is not just a service—it’s a safeguard for your health. Our radon inspection services are crafted to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your property is safe from this silent threat.

Tailored Testing Techniques Leveraging both short-term and long-term radon testing, we tailor our approach to each property’s unique situation. Don’s vast experience ensures that the testing method chosen is the most fitting for your property’s characteristics. Following rigorous testing, we furnish a detailed report on radon levels, and if necessary, strategize the best course for radon mitigation.

Mitigation for a Safer Environment Our services extend beyond testing, encompassing the implementation of radon reduction systems and structural modifications designed to curtail radon’s entry into your property. Trust in Don’s comprehensive approach to radon inspection and mitigation, and take a significant step toward ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your building’s occupants.